Это Не Измена / This Isnt Cheating (2019)

Когда ее любимый парень продвигается по службе и отдает все свое внимание работе, Дженна оказывается вне сексуального удовлетворения. Она находит утешение в своих лесбийских подружках, которые присоединились к ней, чтобы дать Дженне разрядку, в которой она отчаянно нуждается. В конце концов, это ведь не измена, если в этом не участвует ни один член.

When her boyfriends new promotion has him traveling for work, Jenna finds herself beyond sexually frustrated. She finds comfort in her lesbian friends, Carter Cruise and Lena Paul, who join to give Jenna the release she desperately needs. After all, its not cheating if theres no dick involved. Kennas drunken kiss with Jay left her feeling ashamed and regretful. When Jay her to confront what happened, she blames the kiss on the alcohol, but soon finds that her loyalty to her boyfriend proves no match for the burning tension between them. Danni and Seth have been close friends for years, but when Dannis latest failed relationship has her abandon the dating scene, Seth takes the opportunity to throw his name in the ring. Long-time friends turn intimate lovers, their natural chemistry radiates through the screen. When Gias unreliable boyfriend bails on their plans, she goes over to her friend Charlottes house to watch a movie. Feeling lonely and abandoned, she tells Charlotte that what she really wants is to feel needed. Charlotte is determined to give Gia everything she is missing. She seduces her, slowly inching towards full on, sweaty girl on girl sex.

Оригинальное Название: This Isnt Cheating
Год выхода: 2019
Озвучка: Английский
Жанр: Affairs & Love Triangles, Made for Women, All sex, Lesbian, Cum shots
Модели: Lena Paul, Gia Paige, Carter Cruise, Danni Rivers, Charlotte Stokely, Jenna Sativa, Seth Gamble, Jay Smooth
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