Падшие 2: Ангелы и Демоны / Fallen II: Angels and Demons (2018, FullHD, С Русским Переводом)

Представляем вам вторую часть фильма только для взрослой аудитории, после десятилетия выхода первого фильма, который вошел в тридцатку самых величайших фильмов для взрослых все времен - "Падшие: Ангелы и Демоны", с русским переводом, в отличном качестве. Кстати первая часть есть на нашем сайте также с русским переводом Падшие (2008, С Русским Переводом)! Мы продолжаем следующую главу своего темного путешествия. Прошло целое десятилетие после событий первой части, наш мир стал еще холоднее и более темным местом. Они все еще продолжают блуждать по улицам городов в поисках греховных удовольствий, но они стали уже не теми кем были раньше. Теперь они и не люди, и не ангелы, которые оказались в земном чистилище, между живыми и мертвыми.

The original FALLEN was chosen one of the "30 Greatest Adult Movies of All Time" and has been the company's biggest selling and most critically acclaimed film of the past decade. Now the adventure continues on the 10 Year Anniversary of the epic blockbuster's original release date. In FALLEN II Angel (jessica drake) and Keith (Brad Armstrong) continue on the next chapter of their dark journey. A decade has passed and the world is a colder, darker place. The duo still roam the city streets in search of any sinful pleasures that come their way, but they've become a shell of what they once were, no longer human or angel, trapped in an earthly purgatory, caught between the living and the dead. One fateful night they save a young woman's life. At first she seems like just another lost soul, but they soon realize she's much more. They learn Max (Leigh Raven) is pregnant and is carrying this generation's Savior. Both Heaven and Hell want the child for their own and have sent their most trusted servants to coerce Angel and Keith into handing over the anointed one. Arch Angels Gabriel (Misty Stone) and Azrael (Isiah Maxwell) offer Angel her wings back, as well as the return of her interstellar status. Meanwhile the Devil's minion Pharzuph (Tommy Pistol) has come baring the only gift Keith would ever wish for... the return of his true love Denise. The stage is set for the classic battle between Good and Evil. Each will stop at nothing to get their way and bring "The Chosen One" back to their master. Who will be the victor and will Angel and Keith make it through the battle alive? FALLEN II like it's epic predecessor is destined to become an Adult Film Classic . Featuring brilliant acting performances by the entire cast, a riveting screenplay, stunning production design and is 7 incredible sex scenes. If you liked Fallen you'll love the Fallen II.

Оригинальное Название: Fallen II: Angels and Demons
Год выхода: 2018
Озвучка: Русский
Жанр: Big Budget, Couples, Fantasy, Feature
Модели: Jessica Drake, Luna Star, August Taylor, Casey Calvert, Leigh Raven, Misty Stone, Jenevieve Hexxx, Brad Armstrong, Isiah Maxwell, Seth Gamble, Ryan Driller, John Strong, Eric Masterson, Tommy Pistol, Derrick Pierce, Codey Steele
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